what is counselling?

Counselling is, in its simplest form, a structured conversation between two or more people. It encourages new ways of thinking and signposts resolutions to problems. Your counsellor will listen and learn to understand and respect you as a person. The trusting relationship that develops is non-judgmental and therefore allows a process of exploration to take place in a safe and secure environment.

Please note that this definition references the NACHP website, for more information please go to www.nachp.org

can i get funding for the first session?

The JNF will fund 50% of the first session.

will i be eligible for further funding?

At the end of the first session the counsellor will tell you whether you are eligible for funding from the JNF. The JNF will fund up to 80% of the session depending on your financial situation.

how do i select a counsellor?

All of our counsellors meet our criteria as defined in the counsellor list and on our website. If you wish advice on selection please contact us at info@joshuanolanfoundation.org

do i contact jnf or the counsellor directly?

You can choose to contact your chosen counsellor directly or you can email JNF team at info@joshuanolanfoundation.org and we will arrange for a counsellor to contact you and arrange an initial session.

what if i cannot attend a session?

Whilst missing a session can be unavoidable, please make an effort not to do so at short notice. Sessions cancelled at less than 24 hours still cost the JNF and mean that we cannot fund further sessions. If you need to cancel please contact your counsellor as soon as possible to rearrange.