Fundraising Ideas And Tips


Sign up to a JNF event

Get ready to achieve something incredible! Every year JNF host a variety of community events and offer support to everyone who get involved. Whether you are looking for your next adrenaline fix or seeking a great day out with all the family, you’ve come to the right place to find your next adventure.

TOP TIP: Be direct and don’t be shy about your good cause. Welcome and encourage all donations big or small.


Start your own event!

You can organise your own fundraiser right now. Go solo or grab your friends and family and help those at risk of suicide today. There are some great websites and apps that help you find events nearby, or start your own thing. Either way, JNF will be on hand to support you with a tailored fundraising pack and lots of advice.

TOP TIP: Push yourself past your comfort zone, do something that people will be proud of you, and most of all something you will be proud of!


Sign up to an event in your area or go international with your challenge

Find a swimming, cycling, running or endurance challenge in your area, or even push yourself further and train for a challenge abroad. Run a marathon in Spain before your beach holiday, take on New York or Boston before you catch the sights for a city break weekend. So many options, choosing might be the hardest challenge!

TOP TIP: Plan ahead…way ahead and give yourself enough time to build towards your goal in a realistic way. Eat to train, warm up and cool down every time then stretch, stretch and stretch again!


Host a club night

For music lovers everywhere! If nightlife is your thing, why not get those dancing shoes going and raise money for an amazing cause at the same time. JNF has a great track record of partnerships with internationally renowned DJ’s and club hosts.  TOP TIP: Promotion is key! But don’t spread yourself too thin. Direct your audience to the relevant information. Remember your focal point, as more than one will water down your impact.


Swap clothes for cash

Host a clothes swap evening at your local cafe, bar or at home. This is a great way to dust out your wardrobe, find new clothes and grab a bargain. Ask each attendee to make a donation and bring a minimum of 3 items and then get swapping!  TOP TIP: Make it fun and get all your friends involved. One success will lead to more… and the word will spread.


Climb a Munro!

A munro is a mountain in Scotland with a height of over 3,000 feet. Named after Sir Hugh Munro, who is attributed with creating the first list of these mountains - all 282 of them! Challenge yourself to one or get the ‘munro bagging’ bug and attempt them all. This challenge is great for solo ventures but also for team building at work.  TOP TIP: Ask if your work will match your fundraising efforts £ for £, it is a great way to boost your fundraising power. And, remember to set yourself mini goals and targets in training and fundraising - take it step by step so as not to overwhelm yourself.


For the budding baker

A bake sale is a great way to fundraise, bring your community together and eat lots of cake! Not everyone likes to bake, but almost everyone knows somebody who does. Ask them and all your friends, family and work colleagues to get involved and spread the word.  TOP TIP: The best place to promote yourself or your cause is through Facebook. I have fundraised for JNF for 3 years, and Facebook has been the best place to let people know about what I’m doing and how to get involved.


Charity Auction

An auction is a great way to raise funds and awareness for your cause, and what’s important to you in a fun, flexible and engaging way. There are lots of options, such as hosting an auction at a specific event, over a longer period of time if there are a few events, or even online and live silent auctions.  TOP TIP: If you are looking for auction items or prizes then tenacity is key and basically nagging people… incessantly! If you don’t ask you don’t get.


Level up with a Gaming Marathon

Looking for an innovative way to fundraise for the cause that matters to you? Select the game, put your team together, build a website, set up donations and create an experience. A Gaming Marathon is a great way to connect with a large audience from around the world as well as your next door neighbour.  TOP TIP: For a gaming marathon a live feed and twitter updates keeps your supporters in the loop and entertained.


Make it a Lifestyle Challenge

A new wave of fundraisers are increasingly choosing innovative and fun lifestyle challenges, instead of more traditional sporting events such as running, to raise money for their chosen good cause. Go viral with a video challenge, create a 30 day target and get your friends to do it too, use your imagination and go crazy with your idea!

TOP TIP: Talk to your audience and share your story. Be specific about what you are trying to achieve and why. I would just say commit to what you want to achieve, make yourself accountable and believe in yourself!