New Start-Up!

We are super chuffed to be a part of this amazing new Scottish start-up.  Here is co-founder Eishel Quinn telling us all more about the partnership with JNF and how it all works.



Having the Joshua Nolan Foundation available on Sustainably means a lot to us. I think we all, at some time or another in our lives, go through struggles with mental health and we are very proud to have JNF as a great cause available on Sustainably. The work they do not only helps people in a time of need, but the education they give to schools is helping to create a new generation of people who can be more empathetic to one another and help other young people to understand that they are not alone and the emotions they face are normal. 

Myself (Eishel) and my mum (Loral) created Sustainably so that you could have a positive impact every day simply by rounding up your spare change to causes you care about each time you shop on your cards or connected devices.  We recognised that most people want to make a positive impact in their world and their communities, but it’s not easy enough to do something good every day, so we created a simple way to do good every time you shop.  Sustainably is a new way of living and giving, so you get that feel good factor every day, knowing you’re having an impact, no matter how small your donation, and that you’re part of a community who care. I personally love that I can help someone and actually see that I’m having an impact, just with my spare change, every day.
— Eishel Quinn, Co-founder - Sustainably

Can it be that simple? Every time you buy something, you do something good? Aside from buying ethical, fair trade, organic and locally sourced, is there another way?

Yes! We think so…

At Sustainably our mission is to change the world every time you shop... with your spare change. Our micro-donations and give on the go technology platform makes giving anywhere frictionless, transparent and secure.

Use round ups and 'round up' your spare change every time you shop...

What are round ups?
By simply rounding up your everyday transactions and giving your spare change to good causes of your choice automatically, every time you use a card or connected device, you can do good every day. You probably wont notice the spare change, but the good causes you support definitely will. Set it and forget it, track your impact over time and feel good about the difference you’re making.

How do round ups work?
By connecting your credit and debit cards in our app, you allow us to track and round up your transactions. We automatically round up your spare change to the nearest £1 and give it to the causes of your choice every time you make a transaction using your cards or connected devices.

To set up round ups, select a good cause you want to support, and add the credit or debit card you wish to connect to your account. Then every time you shop on that credit or debit card or a connected device linked to it, you pledge to give a round up. We take your round ups as a separate transaction when they reach £5 and distribute it to the cause of your choice.

Privacy, transparency and control

With Sustainably, you can give to good causes on your terms. Give instantly without giving out your personal details or even stopping, and feel good about the difference you’re making. Be sure your money is going straight to your chosen registered charity. Get an update telling you what’s happening with your money, and complete privacy, so no unwanted direct mail, calls or texts.  With Sustainably you get to give with complete privacy, transparency and control, so giving is completely hassle free.  

How do I sign up?
All you have to do it visit to register your card with us and choose the cause you want to support.  You can add in your gift aid details and we will process gift aid on your behalf. After that, all that’s left to do is shop as normal… and we automatically round up your transactions and give your spare change to the causes you care about every time you make a purchase on that card.  

You can log into your Sustainably account at any time to see your impact, and pause it or change it whenever you like.


Sustainably 💜⚡️🦄🎉🌈👍