This week JNF founder Laura Nolan was asked to appear on BBCNews to talk about the path that led her to starting her own charity and her thoughts on the government's new pledge to support mental health in Scotland. She joined Professor Rory O'Conner, University of Glasgow Suicidal Behaviour Research Lab, who is heading a new brief intervention scheme for people in Scotland. The scheme will offer support to people after being suicidal as a preventative measure against self-harming in the future.

The Joshua Nolan Foundation raises awareness with regard to suicide and it's prevention, supporting suicide prevention activities here in Scotland and around the world. Alongside this the charity offers financial support for those who have either lived or direct experience of suicide to gain access quality counselling and peer support. Education, prevention and public engagement around suicide is at the heart of JNF. The charity is active in schools in Edinburgh and Lothian areas to promote more knowledge and less stigma around mental health and wellbeing for young poeple. 

The new scheme led by Professor Rory O'Conner, and which Laura and the team at JNF support, has been developed out of research into an intervention help sheet that may be helpful for some people in reducing the likely-hood of self-harming again. This trial was developed with the idea to then use in clinical practice, and with funding they have been able to secure this next stage. It will be a tailored intervention getting people to think about warning signs and triggers that might lead them to self-harm. 

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