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The decision to start the JNF came after founder and mother Laura Nolan lost her son to suicide. Having experienced first hand such a tragedy she wanted to find new and better ways to support others in Scotland who might be struggling with thoughts of suicide and those who are affected by suicide. 

Like most teenagers Josh had his struggles. He was dyslexic and found it hard to concentrate in class which therefor got him into trouble quite a lot. When his teenage years kicked in, he and his friends started experimenting with drugs and alcohol and this is when the real problems began. I felt completely helpless and watched him go down hill. Josh became unbearable to live with, which prompted him to decide to leave home and live in a homeless shelter. As he struggled to get to grips with his mental health he refused to work, and would not do any studying for school and could not engage with others over the little everyday things as well as more far reaching life choices
— Laura Nolan - Founder of JNF

Laura also found that after Josh’s death there was little support through established channels for people like herself bereft by suicide. Then discovering that after waiting almost 18 months to meet with a counsellor that they were unable to help as they did not have the right training to support her.  Laura struggled with the trauma of losing her son and the depression that followed and wanted to turn that into something that would be a legacy for Josh. In finding the right kind of support for herself and discovering the true cost of accessing this support Laura decided to start the Joshua Nolan Foundation, in others who need help may be taken care of by a trauma trained therapist or counsellor.