Dr. Christine Kupfer

Dr. Christine Kupfer

Based in: Online Only
Languages offered: English, German
Availability: Online Only. Monday, 9am-3pm, Thursday 9am-3pm, and Friday 9am-12pm
Average response time: Within 24 hours

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Sometimes we feel like we are surrounded by darkness, or we feel overwhelmed, or stuck, or disconnected, or lost. If you find yourself in such a place, or face other problems in your life, I would like to offer you a safe and non-judgemental space where you can express and explore your thoughts and feelings, and find paths to get unstuck, feel more empowered, and find joy again. I am a pluralistic/integrative therapist. Working pluralistically means that I recognise that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, but that there are many ways of making sense of what is happening in your life, and that many paths can be effective to address difficulties you might face. While there is no “right way” in general, there are ways that will feel right for you, and I will try to co-create a space with you in which we work together in a way that you find makes a difference. At times, feeling supported through empathic listening might be what you need most. At other times, you might want to try out ideas and methods from various psychotherapeutic traditions to address difficulties, for example creative methods, making links between present and past, using emotional, cognitive and behavioural approaches, mindfulness, and more. The way we work will be influenced by your individual circumstances, values, strengths and interests. Together, we will find ways of moving forward. As a therapist I have worked with people who have blown me away with their ability to move out of stuckness and darkness, and who have built on long-forgotten strengths and resources and found new ones, when they initially felt that there was nothing there for them. It will be a privilege to accompany you on your journey – to be with you in places of darkness; and to walk with you towards healing, a greater sense of wellbeing, connectedness, meaning, growth and confidence, or whatever you choose to be your direction.

Pluralistic/integrative therapist, must be 16+ specialisms would be good as per others suicidality, existential questions, life transitions, relationship problems, trauma, attachment wounds, psychosis.

Please note that I only work with people aged 16+.

I am a qualified Pluralistic Counsellor/Psychotherapist (MSc); and have done a range of CPD training programs on trauma, outdoor therapy, existentialism, mindfulness, focusing, and more. I also hold a PhD in Educational Sciences and a Master’s in Social/Medical Anthropology and am about to complete another MSc in Psychology. Additional to working with clients, I teach undergraduate and postgraduate counselling trainees (Abertay University) and write about mental health and therapy.

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Please bear with us while we secure more funding to help those at risk of suicide and those bereaved of suicide. Please refer to the Emergency services listed on the website in the meantime. We are hoping to be back soon!