We work with our partner counsellors to fund counselling sessions for people who have been identified as ‘at risk’ or affected by suicide.

We raise money to help fund these sessions contributing a percentage of the money needed to cover the ongoing sessions.

No one at the JNF identifies or selects which people get the funding. The highly trained counsellors we partner with identify the people who they believe to be at risk and should receive the funding.

All counsellors must meet our criteria and show evidence of:

  • Relevant technical qualifications

  • Commitment to ongoing professional development

  • Regular supervisor support

  • Crisis management training

(Please note – we don’t employ any counsellors, we have counsellor advisors who help us find like-minded colleagues who meet our criteria and are willing to help with the work of the JNF.)

How Counselling Works


We partner with highly trained counsellors who identify people who are ‘at risk’ of suicide but cannot afford the cost of ongoing counselling sessions.

The counsellor assesses how many initial sessions are needed and how much the person can afford to contribute themselves. They’re encouraged to contribute a small amount to show willing on their part to continue the sessions.

In consultation with the counsellor the JNF funds the remaining cost of the sessions. The counsellor will update us on the progress of the person and if more sessions or funding is needed.