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I chose to work with JNF because of knowing the founder, and now I feel if it weren’t for the charity I would not be where I am today. So I will always be loyal to JNF! In the last 2.5 years my life has changed from smoking non-runner to getting myself qualified in fitness instruction and studying to get my qualification in Personal Training. I’ve since started my own business in outdoor fitness classes
— Zoe Macauley year on year supporter for JNF
Unfortunately, our public services just don’t have the finance or resources to cope with all the people who need help, so charities like the JNF are absolutely vital. Out of a tragic situation can hopefully come something positive and honest and that is why I donate to this cause
— Helena Edwards Annual Footie Fundraiser for JNF 2016
I really wanted to support the great work carried out by the charity! I identify with the Joshua Nolan Foundation because it advocates honest communication, support and it is contributing to the conversation on mental health in Scotland
— Meryl Downie Scottish Half Marathon 2017